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SitSmart with BackJoy

The back is a complicated structure of bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. Reasons to have backache can be numerous, for example, sprain ligaments, strain muscles, rupture disks, irritate joints, arthritis, obesity or psychological stress can. In addition, backache can also be because of disease of the internal organs, such as kidney stones, kidney infections, blood clots or bone loss. Moreover, the most common reason is POOR POSTURE. However, by simply correcting your posture you can get you relief in no time.
How backache paralysis your life?

Statistics will horrify you! According to American research:

• 31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time

• The Global Burden of Disease 2010 revealed low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide

• Each year one-half of all working Americans are admitted because of back pain symptoms.

• Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work.

• Back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office,

• Back pain related treatments consuming huge amount of public wealth. For example, Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on back pain suggests a report.

• Experts estimate that as many as 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some time in our lives

Quite horrifying are they, right? What to do next?

Align your spine with SitSmart BackJoy! It will help you correct the sitting posture and hence reliefs and prevents back related issues. Poor sitting posture can be a real culprit for backache. The increasing sedentary lifestyle and deskbound job culture are adding more fuel to this issue. The long duty hours at the desk working and staring the computers, tablets and phones’ screens have totally affected the body mechanism and structure. Over the time, our muscles get used to these bad posture habits that lead to backache resulting into weak core muscles that may hinder in performing simple tasks like lifting a bag of grocery or lifting a pencil from floor. You can improve your life with one simple change i.e. SitSmart with BackJoy by improving your posture!

How Product Works ?

The manufacturers of SitSmart JoyCare have carefully designed it in a way that it tilts your pelvis upright to make sitting with proper posture easier, more comfortable and more consistent. Patented active stabilization™ system transforms your posture from the bottom up. It works in 3 ways:

1. Tilts

2. Cups &

3. Floats

Tilts: SitSmart BackJoy rolls forward when one sits to automatically tilt ones hips upright and neutral position

Cups: SitSmart BackJoy cups ones Gluteus muscles so they cannot flatten under ones weight. This avoids the tightening of the back muscles so one can avoid pains, strains and discomfort.

Float: SitSmart BackJoy lifts your pelvis above the sitting surface which makes it efficient shock absorber, hence providing you total comfort.

How to Use ?

SitSmart BackJoy is light and small making it super portable. One can use it anywhere like on car seat, office seat, hard seats, soft couches and etc. (please use the pictures from the website in this section) Thousands of SitBack BackJoy fans from all over the world are all in praise of it who have found relief Here are just some of the conditions we’ve been told BackJoy is helping: Low back pain, Herniated discs, Degenerated discs, Compressed discs, Back injuries, Hip injuries, Neck/cervical pain, Sciatica Coccyxdinia (sore tail bone), Scoliosis, Spinal stenosis, Osteoporosis and many more


1. How quick I can feel the difference?

Instantly! Many users experienced immediate relief while few required several weeks depending on the level of pain by regular use to get the benefits of their SitSmart BackJoy. Your results will depend upon the underlying factors and how often you use your SitSmart BackJoy. Make sure you have closely followed the sitting instructions and your buttocks muscles are firmly cupped if you don’t feel any change when you sit on a SitSmart BackJoy.

2. Is SitSmart BackJoy washable?

Yes, wash it with mild soap and water or standard upholstery cleaner. It is not to be put in laundry machines or dishwashers.

3. Would my SitSmart BackJoy work on soft couches?

Yes! SitSmart BackJoy cradles and supports your body while you sit on soft cushions. Please, make sure that when you sit down in the soft couch, your gluteus muscles can stretch and flatten even more than they do when you sit on a hard chair. Such stretching and flattening can aggravate backache, so it is definitely beneficial to use your SitSmart BackJoy while relaxing on the couch.

4. I’ve followed the sitting directions, but I’m still uncomfortable. What am I doing wrong?

Firstly, make sure that you are sitting on top of your SitSmart BackJoy and not using it propped up behind you. Also, note that changing your sitting posture can cause temporary discomfort –for example like going to the gym for the first time. Muscles, joints and ligaments usually take time to adjust and relax into the new posture that your SitSmart BackJoy provides. If this is the cause of your discomfort, Start using it slowly by limiting usage to 15 minutes and increasing the usage time gradually over the course of a few days or a week. Stop using your SitSmart BackJoy and consult a medical professional if there is an increase in pain.

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SitSmart with BackJoy – Change your posture, change your life.

Med-Asian keeping its tradition intact, proudly introduces yet another smart and innovative medical product – “SitSmart with BackJoy.” This smart product can be the solution to your major backache problem.