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About Us

The Med-Asian is a company that holds a history of six decades. Founded in1953, Med-Asian Co, is a general trader in the strategically ideal locatedcity for business – Jeddah, by a prominent Indian expat Mr. Abdul KarimYahya Munshi’s father was a prove for his sharp business skills.

The Munshi family, today, owns diverse businesses in the field of medicaldevices and accessories, general merchandises, cargo, hospitality, travel,tourism and construction which record a healthy growth rate. The company isgrowing with an average rate of 18-20 percent and generates over 10 millionSaudi Riyals annually.

Headquartered in Jeddah, Med-Asian, has branches in Riyadh and Dubai aswell. The company has signed many contracts with multinational companiesfrom Europe (mainly UK and Germany), China, Japan, USA and India whichtranslates its aims and missions to be a leader in the healthcare industry.

The company is a sole distributor of products like 2in1 Sugar Care, i-gel,AED (company name isn’t mentioned on website), Video Laryngoscope, Video,etc.

Dr. Sufyan Hamid A Khader, Executive Director of Med-Asian and a foreigneducated young ambitious MBBS and MBA graduate is the right person in theright place who is determined to take the healthcare industry to the nextlevel by improving the standards of healthcare delivery and introducing thelatest and innovative technologies in the region.

Dr. Khader is actively engaged in the healthcare improvement mission in thekingdom. He has been conducting and participating as a panel member invarious workshops, seminars and health related exhibitions.

The Company’s USP can be seen in the qualified team run by experiencedpeople like Mr. Munshi and Dr. Khader who is leading a team of 11 personsunder them in the medical devices division.

Meanwhile, the company also enjoys a good reputation in the sight of SaudiMinistry of Health.

warm regards,
Dr Sufyan Hamid A Khader
Executive Director
Med Asian